Laboratories for Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

How to analyze the antimicrobial properties of materials like coatings, textiles, and preservatives? With classic microbiology or by using molecular assays? At CHILL we can do both. In the CHILL Microbiology Laboratory we are experienced in analysing antimicrobial properties of a large range of materials. We are fully equipped for and have experience in the performance of a range of standardized microbiology experiments. In addition, we have also designed customer made assays. How to develop a molecular diagnostic assay? In the CHILL Molecular Biology Laboratory we have all the facilities for designing various molecular diagnostic, real time PCR assays and for isolating DNA and RNA from diverse (complex) matrices. CHILL has experience in the development of PCR assays for identification and quantification of microorganisms. And in developing genetic biomarker assays for cancer diagnostics (HRM or probe based genotyping assays).


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